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More than 57% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure for infrastructure services, platform services and hybrid solutions. This hyper-scale, enterprise grade and hybrid cloud platform offers enterprises the power of choices for businesses, right from conducting mission critical transactions to delivering immersive, rich content.

Wankys leverages Microsoft's azure as a strategic differentiator to empower clients on their continuous innovation journey to develop, manage and deploy enterprise grade web-solutions.

Wankys uses cloud design patterns and best practices to build scalable cloud hosted and hybrid applications that deliver unmatched productivity and compelling user experience that is fueled by variety of content & data sources.

Wankys Service Highlights

Our Azure application development services help our clients design, build and deliver applications that support core business functions and increase productivity. Highlights of our service benefits are:

  • Expertise and best practices from years of experience in building cloud based products and enterprise applications
  • Visual Studio and TFS online for cloud based development environment that support distributed teams
  • Use tools to increase developer productivity, analyze and improve code quality, and ensure compliance to standards
  • Automated build-test-deploy to cloud for continuous integration, automated testing and constant availability of latest build for demo or release
  • Scalability and performance testing to ensure your cloud applications are truly elastic

Azure Benefits

Azure, the leading cloud platform that is both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provide the following benefits:

  • Dynamic scalability: add web and database servers on demand
  • Real time analytics and reporting: get real time health and behavior of your application and react to demands
  • Automatic Identity: simplify your identity and access management using single sign on that integrates with your on-premises directory
  • Agile, cloud based development: Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server (TFS), integrated with azure provides development platform that is well suited for rapid, agile development. With all the development assets on the cloud, automated build-test-deploy cycles are easy
  • Virtual Machine based Infrastructure: build windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes to support your infrastructure needs

Develop Modern Cloud Applications

The modern, global and connected businesses need to operate 24x7 across regions and time zones with unprecedented speed and dynamic scale. Microsoft Azure provides platform, tools and resources to build high performing, high availability applications that are secure and easy to manage. Wankys helps you to build connected modern applications that leverage existing IT investments while utilizing cloud features to provide personalized and contextualized experience to the users across multiple devices. With a unified backend (cloud, on-premises or hybrid), Wankys can build applications that deliver data and services through browsers or native apps to any device: PCs, tablets and phones.

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